Three Things to Do to Prep for an Auto Accident in Queens County, NY.


If you’re looking for an auto accident lawyer in Queens County, NY. you’re probably learning how important being prepared is. No matter the type of damages you’re going for, your entire case can depend on how much documentation you provide for your case. For your lawyer to represent you in the best way, you will need to provide him or her with as much information as possible. The following is some of the info you should have on hand for your case.

Accident Report

Make sure that you provide your lawyer with any accident report or police report that you have from the accident. This will serve as the official record of what happened. If you have a police report, submit it as part of your documentation. If your accident happened at work, make sure that you get a copy of the accident report that you can hand over.

Medical Records

Get every bit of medical documentation that you can. This will include doctors’ reports, hospital records, physical therapy data, and any other record of the medical care that you’ve received. This information will be important when your auto accident lawyer in Queens County, NY. needs to prove pain and suffering.

Insurance Information

Make sure that your lawyer is in possession of any insurance information that you have. If you’ve been in a car accident, this will include the insurance information of the other parties involved. This information will help your lawyer when figuring out who will be responsible for paying.

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