Three Situations Where You Absolutely Need a Kansas Divorce Attorney

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Getting a divorce can be some nasty business. If you’re lucky, you can sign papers, fairly split assets, and go your separate ways. Unfortunately most divorces don’t go that way, in which case you will need to seek out a divorce lawyer in Manhattan, KS. Here are three situations where you will absolutely need a divorce lawyer.

You’re getting a divorce from your business partner.

The laws regarding business partners drastically change when you’re not married. Besides fairly splitting up percentages of the business, you’ll need a lawyer to help you navigate these law changes. This is something you should not do on your own.

You can’t agree on custody of your kids.

Many couples go through this situation during a divorce. Unfortunately there is usually a lot of bashing each other and making the other person look like an unfit parent. All of the back and forth can take a toll on the kids. A lawyer can help to navigate those untruths and come to a resolution quickly.

You have investments together.

If you own stocks, have retirement funds, or share other investments together, you’ll need a lawyer. There really is no getting around one when it comes to investments. If you try to split this up on your own, things can go really wrong really fast.

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