Three Signs That Homeowners Need Home Foundation Repair In Houston TX

Foundation Repair

Home structural problems can get worse if the foundation isn’t repaired right away. For this reason, it’s imperative that homeowners know the signs of foundation issues. Read the three signs below to learn if you need to contact a professional company for Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX.

Cracks Running Through Exterior Bricks

Homeowners who have a brick exterior can easily tell if they have foundation problems by observing the exterior brickwork. When the foundation moves, a gap will often form in a stair-step fashion through the mortar joints of the bricks. In some cases, the bricks will even become cracked due to the shifting foundation. The damaged bricks will often move out of position because of the stress on the structure.

Doors and Windows Closing Improperly

When the ground shifts and the foundation moves, this causes the frames around the doors and windows to become displaced. When this occurs, the windows are unable to open and close correctly and the doors won’t shut because the frames are out of alignment. When this occurs, homeowners will also notice cracks running up toward the ceiling from the corner sections of the windows and doors.

Interior Wall and Ceiling Separation

As a home’s foundation shifts, it causes enormous pressure on the entire structure. When this happens, it’s not uncommon for the ceiling and the wall to begin separating from each other. This often leaves a large space between the wall and the ceiling. Walls can also come apart from the rest of the home and when this occurs, it can be dangerous for family members to stay inside the home. In extreme cases, the roof may split off from the rest of the house when dry soil causes the foundation to move. Homeowners who see any of the above signs should call an experienced company that specializes in Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX.

Homeowners who suspect they have foundation problems can contact Knight Engineering Services for an inspection. After the inspection is complete, this Houston company can perform any needed foundation repairs to the home. Read about the services of this company and click here to know more by visiting their website.