Three Interesting Facts That You Probably Never Knew About the Popular Angus Cow


Angus cows are among the most popular cows for farmers and consumers alike which is why many farmers are in the market for Angus cows for sale. They produce the high quality beef products and they make really good farm animals for a number of reasons. Here are three interesting facts about these great cows that will show you a different side of them.

1. Their reputation precedes them.

Angus cows are often considered as having the absolute best meat, especially in the fast food industry. There is no scientific fact proving this, but raising Angus cows can be very profitable since the majority of the world thinks they are the best.

2. Angus cows are Scottish.

The breed originated in Northeast Scotland. Hugh Watson is considered to be the original breeder of the Angus cow. The original cows used to begin the breed were named Old Jack and Old Granny.

3. Angus cows are very fertile.

Angus cows mature early so they can start producing early. Once they start producing, they can continue producing calves for decades. They are naturally very good and protective of their calves, even when the breeding cow is young.

When people think of Angus cows, they think of eating them. Regular consumers will buy their meat in stores and farmers will hunt for whole Angus cows for sale. However, a few fun and interesting facts can make you see them in a different light. In this case, it’s okay to play with your food a little bit.