Three Cool Things About the New Mustang MACH-E in Batavia You’ll Love


The Mustang MACH-E is a fantastic vehicle that is coming to a car dealer in Batavia. It might be the perfect choice for you and your family if you like innovative products with innovative technologies. These are three aspects of the model that you will adore.

It’s Loaded with Technology

The MACH-E is loaded with the technology to make every trip unforgettable. Some of the technological features you’ll find in it include features such as mood-matching sound and lighting, automatic seat adjustment and voice-activated SYNC. You can also use your smartphone as a key.

The MACH-E is really one of a kind. You will do yourself a massive injustice if you don’t schedule an appointment to test-drive it as soon as you can. Do what’s right and reach out to a car dealer in Batavia ASAP.

It’s All Electric

The MACH-E is a spectacular all-electric vehicle that keeps the power and pizzazz of a classic GT. You can go from 0-60 miles in a little more than three seconds. You can also run it for up to 230 miles before you need to charge it.

Its Design is Breathtaking

MACH-E’s innovative design is just breathtaking. It has the sporty appeal of a classic Mustang but the space of a full-size SUV. The color options that you’ll have include colors such as Rapid Red Metallic, Shadow Black, Infinite Blue and more.

Contact Hawk Ford of St. Charles to find out more about the MACH-E and when you can take it on a test-drive.