Difference Between Used, Preowned and Certified Preowned in Cicero


You’re smart if you’re thinking about buying a car that has already been used by someone. There are a lot of benefits to getting a vehicle like that from the car dealer in Cicero. You still need to know what type of car you want to get, however. Here is some information on the differences between used vehicles, preowned vehicles and certified preowned vehicles.

Certified Preowned Vehicles

Certified preowned vehicles are in a class of their own. They are used cars, but the dealership has thoroughly inspected them and made sure they were up to the highest quality standard. Some certified preowned vehicles also come with lengthy warranties that surpass the ones that you can get on a used or regular preowned vehicle. Talk to a representative at the car dealer in Cicero to find out more.

Used Vehicles

Used vehicles are cars that have previous owners. At least one person has owned and driven a used vehicle. There is nothing unique about it. You can benefit from buying a used car because it has already been broken in, and you won’t have to baby it like its brand new.

Preowned Vehicles

A preowned vehicle is a used vehicle that’s in a different category because of its refurbished status. A dealership may classify a car as preowned instead of used if they put a lot of work into before they put it on the lot.

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