Three Clothing Staples for the Active Man


If you are a man who does not put a lot of time into putting together a wardrobe, you are far from being alone. Often, men have a lot of other things on their mind. Fashion is not usually one of them. A men’s cashmere sweater, for example, works for many occasions and helps elevate any outfit.

Here are three other clothing staples the active man should have in his closet.

Straight Leg Jeans

Ever since jeans were picked up by popular culture, popular culture has hung on to them. Originally, the denim pieces were meant for farm workers. Through evolution, they became mainstream. While your workplace may not be relaxed enough to allow them in the dress code, jeans are still a versatile wardrobe clothing staple. Straight leg jeans are most recommended because other styles tend to fall in with the fads.

Crew Neck T-Shirt

For the active man who does not have time to put a lot of thought into his wardrobe, a crew neck T-shirt is a must-have clothing staple. This is a versatile item that can be worn with your jeans. It can also be worn under your button-up shirts and men’s cashmere cardigan sweater. Owning a few in white is recommended.

Belted Trench Coat

Every active man should also own a belted trench coat. There was a time when men and women did not leave their homes without their well-fitted coats. They are versatile and protect against the weather elements. They are light enough to wear in the spring. When the weather becomes chilly, you can couple the coat with your favorite hoodie.

In a pinch, you can combine all three clothing pieces in one outfit. The straight leg jeans, white crew neck t-shirt and belted trench coat can be worn together on a casual day out with your friends.