Glasses frames and styles


Everyone knows the value of the lenses in their designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in NYC; they are used to improve your vision and to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. How much however do the same people know about the frames of their glasses?

Eyeglass and sunglass frames are made in every conceivable style that anyone can think of; they range from tough durable frames to the very sophisticated. As the frames are made from many different materials, the prices range from the affordable to the extremely expensive. When choosing frames for your designer eyeglasses in NYC; consider the material, the style and the type of hinge.

Frame materials:

It is very important that the lenses in your glasses do their job; either to improve vision or for protection. Although there is little anyone can do about the cost of the lenses, the cost of the frames is more controllable and they do not have to break the bank. Frames are normally made from plastic or metal.

Plastic: Plastic frames are normally the least expensive and are not difficult to adjust to fit the face perfectly. These designer frames come in a wealth of colors. If the glasses are going to be used while engaged in sports, polycarbonate is an excellent choice as it is impact resistant.

Metal: Most designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in NYC use metal for their high end products. Metal frames stand up better to constant handling; they are available in many different materials including lightweight titanium.


The hinge on glasses is often overlooked, there is a tendency to select the lenses and then focus on the frame. Hinges on the glasses vary the amount of tension that the bow places on the temple and they can often be adjusted. There are three different types of hinges;

Barrel: The barrel hinge is by far the most common, this type of hinge consists of two interlocking pieces, fixed to the frame and secured with a tiny screw.

Spring: A spring hinge is usually found on the more expensive ranges of designer eyewear. The hinge design includes a spring which press gently to the head and are easy to customize for comfort.

When the time comes for new glasses, spend time comparing what is available, quality designer glasses and sunglasses can be affordable.

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