Things to Know Before Requesting Plumbing Service in Northport AL


Most people take their plumbing for granted. As long as everything works the way it should, it’s easy to forget about it. However, to avoid serious problems, homeowners should learn about their plumbing systems. Below are several important things to know before calling for Plumbing Service in Northport AL.

The Sink Trap: It Isn’t a Jewelry Catcher

Although this is a nice extra benefit, it’s not the sink trap’s purpose. Drains are connected to sewer lines, which means that noxious gases can get into the home. These traps hold water that serves as a seal, which prevents these gases from getting through. However, if a sink or toilet isn’t used often, the water seal can evaporate. If such a problem arises, a plumber can put in a trap primer that refills the seal.

Water Heaters Require Maintenance

Many homeowners delay plumbing maintenance, and most are unaware that the home’s water heater also needs service. Tanks can get clogged with sediment, anode rods can deteriorate, elements can burn out, and pressure release valves can fail. A yearly cleaning and inspection by a plumber can keep the unit running efficiently throughout its lifespan.

The Toilet Can be a Real Money-Saver

Inefficient old toilets typically use three to five gallons of water with each flush, and some can use as much as seven gallons. The EPA says that toilet flushing accounts for more than 25% of all home water use, but upgrading to high-efficiency or dual-flush toilets can help homeowners save money and water over the unit’s lifetime.

Plumbing: It’s an Art and a Science

Plumbers are often stereotyped, and jokes about plumber’s crack are very common. When the plumbing industry was in its infancy, people had respect for the concept that the plumber’s job was to protect the health of their customers and the general public. Plumbing is a science and an art, and safe removal of waste, preventing the intrusion of noxious gases, and providing sufficient plumbing ventilation are vital skills. While there are enough slipshod and unethical plumbers to keep the unfortunate stereotype going, honest, hardworking, and qualified plumbing professionals do exist.

While most people don’t think about their plumbing until there’s a problem, it’s important to maintain the home’s fixtures and pipes. Browse domain for more details or call today to schedule Plumbing Service in Northport AL.