The Most Inviting & Elegant Property For Brooklyn Heights Condos

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If you’re in search of Brooklyn Heights condos, we have good news for you. You can find new condos for sale Brooklyn Heights at The Symon.

The Difference

These aren’t your ordinary Brooklyn Heights condos. We take pride in knowing that The Symon is truly different. Our property is known for having a stately street presence. This begins with the arched windows, prominent canopied entryway, and hand-laid brick. This continues into the inviting lobby.

Our lobby is full-time attended, which is a nice perk that isn’t as easy to find as you might think. The lobby also contains signature design elements, hand-painted walls, custom oak paneling, marble floors, and select furnishing from vintage and modern collections.

It’s very likely that you can already see the difference. You’re imagining the picture in your mind, but that still probably doesn’t do The Symon justice. We recommend visiting our website to see the real thing. Better yet, visit us in person for a tour.

If you choose to visit us in person, you will notice our attention to detail. We can thank Studio DB, which designed the property. Additionally, we’re only a half-block from the Brooklyn Heights Historical District. The blend of our elegant and contemporary yet understated property with the surrounding historic neighborhood makes us unique.

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If you’re searching for new condos for sale Brooklyn Heights, then it’s highly recommended that you head straight for 76 Schemerhorn Street so you can see The Symon in person.