Things Sales Leaders Ought to Know


Sales leaders are constantly trying to find new ways to improve sales team morale and productivity. If sales aren’t at peak levels, then there is always room for improvement. Even if sales are considered good or great, there are still ways to make them better. Whether sales are good or bad, sales managers should consider having a sales trainer or motivational speaker give a presentation to their employees. A good corporate motivational speaker will give sales team members valuable insight that may improve overall sales and team performance. There are many things that sales leaders should know, but the main things are as follows:

1. Distractions: Distractions are the number one obstacle in sales. If sales team members are chatting, spending too much time on social networking sites, or spending more time browsing the web than they are trying to make sales, then they will never achieve their full potential. Sales leaders need to be aware of what their team members are doing at all times. They should also have procedures in place that will give their sales team members guidelines to follow, so that they can perform at their best.

2. Reward Teams Not Individuals: It is important to award sales teams as a group, rather than individual members in the sales group. If employees feel like they are constantly working for nothing if other members of the team are at the top of the sales performance chart, then they won’t have much incentive to do their best. Rewarding the team as a whole will keep morale up and team members energetic, to where they will want to perform at their best.

3. Multitasking is bad: Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is bad. If you have too many irons in the fire, then a little bit of everything gets done, but nothing gets completed in a timely manner. It is very counterproductive to multi-task. It is best to prioritize your assignments, and delegate them so that everything gets completed efficiently and on time. It is important to set deadlines, so that your sales team members know how much time they have to get things finished. This will make them more productive, because they will strive to meet the deadlines without delay.

There is nothing set in stone that states how a sales leader should run their team. However, a good sales leader will work hard to ensure they are doing things effectively, so that sales numbers and profits stay in positive territory. If a sales leader wants to ensure that they have the best practices in place for running their sales teams, then they should conduct research to learn how they can improve their management techniques. Even the best sales managers have room for improvement.

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