The Difference Between Reading and Just Looking


Your eyes offer a gift that goes beyond just seeing. Your eyes can help you learn about people, read deeper into someone’s gestures and to read between the lines. When you use your eyes in connection with your mind and feelings you can teach yourself the difference between reading and just looking.

The Art of Reading a Book
When you go beyond looking at a book and actually read it you will not just be sounding out words in your head. You will be delving into the world and words the writer has created just for you. You will experience being in the world they have created and also get an insight into their philosophy and teachings. When you read a book whether for the purposes of studying at school or to pass the time, the difference between reading and just looking is allowing yourself to absorb and understand or just having your eyes pass over and recognize the words but not put them together to form thoughts and invoke visions.

The Art of Reading People
When you are in conversation with people you can look into their faces and feel nothing as they speak or you can look into their faces and read the expressions in their eyes and on their faces and really hear what they are saying and how they are feeling. Allowing yourself to indulge a person with your full attention will give both of you a gift of true connection. When you are reading someone’s expressions and concentrating on their whole body language you are truly connecting and listening not just looking at someone as they speak and never really hearing what is being said.

The Art of Reading Life
The difference between reading and just looking at life is not being able to see the forest for the trees. Appreciating your surroundings is part of the joy of living. The difference between reading and just looking: just looking is never stopping to smell the roses. Reading is making lemonade and looking is getting lemons. Reading is the cherries, looking is the pits. Reading is the glass half full, looking is the glass half empty. When you read you stop to appreciate every nuance of life’s goodness, when you just look you allow life to pass you by.

Doug Dvorak is a professional speaker who delivers an energetic and interactive presentation and helps businesses and individuals to succeed.