Things To Consider When Choosing A Mover


Moving is stressful at the best of times; packing up all your possessions is bad enough but then trusting a group of strangers to move your possessions make the situation even more tense. It makes little difference whether you are moving across the city or across the country, knowing the right steps to ensure you find the best professional movers in Lubbock will earn you some peace of mind.

The first step is the easiest, and that’s getting names. Almost everyone has moved at one time or another, ask around to your neighbors, family members, friends and wok mates and ask for recommendations as well as warnings on which companies are good and which aren’t. Another excellent source of information of movers is real estate agents who are closely involved with relocation.

Once you gather some names of companies which are recommended give them a call. Ask them for their company details; the full name of the company, the name under which they do business, how long have they been in business, are they insured and for how much and get their DOT, Department of Transport license number. Never do business with a mover that is not licensed or insured, this is only asking for trouble.

Once you have gathered this company information contact the Better business Bureau or any other local consumer organization. Ask about the track record of the professional movers in Lubbock that you are interviewing and see if there are any unresolved problems. While any company can have a complaint filed, a truly reputable company should not and if they have the complaint should have been responded to quickly.

You should now have at least three movers that have a good reputation and with a real address. Don’t consider companies that only have a post office box, they are often fly-by-night operators. Drive by their facilities; look to see what condition the buildings, the yards and the equipment is in. It is a good sign when everything appears well maintained and neat and that the employees are uniformed, neat and clean.

Now you are in a position to ask the two or three on your short list for their offer. Schedule on-site meetings with the mover, they should come to your home and prepare their

quotation at no cost to you or any obligation to use them. Do not accept estimates over the telephone. Once you receive the estimates, review them to see that you are comparing apples to apples and make your choice. Remember that you are entrusting all your goods to your choice of professional movers in Lubbock so you want to have taken your time and get it right.

If you are making a move; local or long distance you want the best professional movers in Lubbock. With over 39 years serving the area Business Name has proven that they are unsurpassed in customer service quality.