Things You Can Find at Salvage Yards in Phoenix

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Automotive

When you think of Phoenix salvage yards you probably envision old, wrecked cars sitting behind a fence or a place where you can get cash for your old car or scrap metal. However, there is more to salvage yards in Phoenix than you might think. The following will give you an idea of some of the things you might find at a salvage yard at any given time.

Automotive Parts

Cars of all ages get wrecked. Where do you think many car parts go after a vehicle is wrecked and totaled? Totaled cars are often parted out and the parts are sold for a very low price to local salvage yards. Just because a car gets totaled does not mean it has no useful parts. When the body of the car is damaged beyond repair, the interior parts are commonly still usable. Steering wheels, gear shifts, car seats, hoods, door panels, engines, transmissions, and other parts that were not damaged in a wreck can be found at salvage yards for less than what you would pay for a brand new part. Most of the time, these parts are genuine factory parts which makes them highly compatible with your vehicle. The parts that are found at salvage yards will vary. The business keeps an inventory of parts so they can look it up for you.


You can find vehicles at a salvage yard. Some of these businesses have an inventory of new, used, and imported cars that you can buy for less than at a traditional car dealer. Smart people check salvage yards for good running vehicles because they are usually the best value for your money. Keep in mind the inventory will vary from time-to-time, so if you find something you want, it might be smart to find out how you can own it before someone else gets it.

What makes a good Phoenix salvage yard? One that offers an ample selection of vehicles and used auto parts to fit your needs. Alma Imports is located in Phoenix and they have everything you expect at a salvage yard as well as things you might not expect. This salvage yard is also prone to running discounts and specials services and parts to help you save more money.


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