How to Get Back Child Support In Carrollton, GA


Some men and women have a hard time paying child support to the custodial parent. It is important to remember that Child Support In Carrollton, GA is for the child and not the parent. This payment is the amount made by the noncustodial parent to take care of the expenses of raising his child.

The noncustodial parent does not always make the payments on time or at all. This leads to the payments building up until the noncustodial parent owes thousands of dollars. If the mother or father of your child refuses to take care of their child, then you can get back child support payments. The payments are necessary for taking of your children.

If you are planning to take the case to court, then it is a good idea to keep track of payments. The custodial parent is expected to prove the amount they are supposed to receive in payments. It helps to keep a record and write down missed payments. You want to follow the same routine when receiving a full or partial payment.

Many child support agencies are willing to help parents collect back payment. It is easier to find a parent that does not want to be found when an agency is tracking him. They have the resources for finding people who are hiding from their responsibilities. After the person is located, you can serve him with court papers. It is also a good idea to sign an affidavit with the child support agent present for the amount of support owed. The process will move much faster with the help of the agency.

Some parents have a hard time communicating and can benefit from using a mediator. A mediator can help with coming to an agreement on payment. After coming to an agreement, the judge will sign the court order and the noncustodial parent must follow the order. If the noncustodial parent does not make the payments, then he can be held in contempt of court and possibly have to do jail time. Business Name has years of experiences of helping clients to get Child Support In Carrollton, GA.