Things about Bail Bonds That People Get Wrong in San Marcos, Texas

Bail Bonds

Despite the great deal of technology that modern society has at its disposal, the general public perpetuates myths and misconceptions about pretty much everything. One area of knowledge plagued by misconceptions is bail bonds. Keep reading to learn two major misconceptions about bail bonds and San Marcos jail release that people often get wrong.

Myth – Bail Bonds Make the World More Dangerous

It’s true that some people accused of crimes are, in fact, actually guilty. Some crimes are universally accepted as bad and directly harmful to society, such as robbery, rape, and murder. Judges often don’t give long-term, career criminals, as well as those accused of robbery, rape, murder, and other violent or sexual crimes, the chance to bail out of jail. As such, bail bonding doesn’t help the world become more dangerous – rather, it empowers people to not be incarcerated before proven guilty.

Myth – Bail Amounts Are Decided by Bondsmen

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Bail amounts are decided by arresting jurisdictions’ judges. Bail bondsmen simply post bail for people who can’t afford to on their own for a 10% to 20% fee of their bail.

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