The Very Best Sauces for Pizza in Arizona

Pizza Restaurant

Sure, making pizza at home can be great, but sometimes you just need the right sauce. The sauce can often be what makes or breaks a pizza.

Preferential Pizza Sauce

For many, sauces for pizzas are a matter of preference. Some like them spicy, some like them sweet. Some like them creamy, and some like them with meat. Whatever the case, there are subtle nuances that can make one sauce so different from another.

Flavor Enhancers

One such nuance is wine. Wine can enhance the flavor of a sauce by imparting a deep, rich flavor to the sauce that is all its own. Naturally, wine makes a sauce sweeter, so if you aren’t into a sweeter tasting pizza, a sauce that incorporates wine may or may not be for you.

Another great flavor enhancer is basil. Basil is well-known in the world of Italian eatery and for good reason: its herbal yet mellow flavor is the perfect complement to the almost tomato-based dish. As such, basil is the perfect addition to pizza sauce as it provides that familiar and unique flavor you all know and love.

Another uncommon, yet delicious, pizza sauce ingredient is cream. Indulgent as it sounds, this rich and savory option adds an unexpected twist to pizza that you, your family, and your guests are sure to love. Moreover, this sauce would be a great compliment to any Italian fare including lasagna, spaghetti, and whatever else your heart may fancy!

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