The Varying Nature of Leach Field Repair in Puyallup

Septic Tanks

When a home is built in an area that doesn’t have access to municipal sewer lines, something will need to be done with the liquid and semi-liquid waste that the occupants create. In these situations, the best way to deal with this type of waste is with a septic system. These systems have been around for a while, and they’ve always been effective in dealing with this type of household waste. However, there are various components to a septic system, and those components sometimes need to be maintained or repaired. Such is the case with Leach Field Repair in Puyallup.

The drainage, or leaching, field is the final stop in a septic system. This is where the liquid waste that is floating near the top of the septic tank moves into a dispersal field. Typically, it is a network of aerated pipes under the ground on a piece of property a bit farther away from the home. This allows the liquid to safely disperse and helps prevent backups in the septic tank.

There are a number of things that may create a need for Leach Field Repair in Puyallup. The most common is a damaged pipe. In this case, the pipe may need to be cleaned out or, in many instances, a section of the pipe will simply need to be replaced.

There are some situations in which the grade or the slope of the leaching field will need to be addressed. Often, when the soil gets soggy or if it is inundated with flooding rains, the field may need to be re-sloped or built up to allow the septic system to work properly. Sometimes, pumps that move fluid out of the septic tank and into the field may need to be replaced as well.

The good thing is that, with the exception of having to replace the network of pipes, leach field repairs are often quite easy to handle. However, whether your problem is small in nature or significant, it’s important to contact a professional septic service if you’re having a problem with your leaching field. Because the problem will likely not get better on its own, proper attention will be required.