The value of hiring a painting contractor


Not all, but some home improvements absolutely require professional involvement. It would be a rare homeowner indeed that would tackle replacing the entire roof on the house or install a central air conditioner. There are other projects however that seem suited to the DIYer; on the surface, painting seems to be one of them.

Don’t think that painting is simple; to get excellent results that will look good for many years, there is a great deal of skill required. The wise homeowner realizes this and makes the decision to hire a painting contractor in Monterey to do the job. What are painting contractors and how do you go about hiring one?

The typical painting contractor:

A painting contractor will accept jobs directly from a homeowner or the owner of a commercial property or he will work as a sub-contractor on larger jobs. Painting contractors are rarely large companies; they range from a one man sole proprietorship to perhaps 20 painters.

How do you find skilled painting contractors?

As painting contractors do tend to be small, local operations the best way to locate one is through word-of-mouth. Ask people you know; neighbors, people you work with ad members of your family if they have had recent experiences with a local painting contractor in Monterey and what their experiences were. If you don’t have any luck another excellent source of names is the local paint store. The people who work in these stores become quite familiar with all the professional painters in the area and usually know a quite a bit about their companies.

How to talk to a painting contractor:

When you have electrical problems in your home you need to know a few industry terms when you are communicating with the electrician. This is not the case when you are talking with a potential contractor. You can comfortably ask about the type of paint he intends to use, the number of coats, the estimated time to finish the job and of course the price.

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