The Solution to Your Ingrown Toenail Problems in Katy, Texas


An ingrown toenail can become quite painful if it isn’t treated. Aside from discomfort, a blister may develop, and the toe may feel sore and look red. The onset of an infection can worsen the situation. People who have this type of foot problem may be happy to know ingrown toenail treatment in Katy, Texas, is available.

An ingrown toenail can develop if a toenail is trimmed too close to the skin. Ingrown toenails can also become a problem if the shoes that are worn are too narrow or too short. When a nail is pushed into the toe because of extreme pressure, an ingrown toenail can develop. Ingrown toenails can be inherited, and they can be caused by trauma or a fungal infection. This disorder may also develop if the structure of the foot is abnormal.

Treating an ingrown toenail is usually easy. After the cause of the problem is determined, it is eliminated. If tight shoes have triggered the ingrown toenail, shoes that are more comfortable are worn instead. Soaking the foot with the ingrown toenail in warm, bubbly water helps, too. Antibiotics are given if the toe is infected. Surgery to remove part of the nail may be required if serious pain or infection is present.

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