The power of Digital Marketing in Santa Rosa

Marketing and Advertising

If you’re in business, you’re probably aware that almost every shopper in the US has at some time or another used the Internet to locate products and services. This is the new consumer pattern, and is the reason that almost every business, no matter its size, has invested in building a great website. Much money is often spent and professionals are engaged so that a site is appealing visually, is easy to navigate, and has great content. You may then feel that you can sit back and wait for the ‘hits’ to start and for your sales to rocket. Unfortunately, there is a missing link between a good website or an active social media presence and getting increased revenue. The vital step is that customers need to actually find your site before they can appreciate the great offers you have. In order for them to find you, you need to have an excellent understanding of how to use search engine marketing for your Santa Rosa business.

Getting the attention of customers

People are often left scratching their heads as to how to make sense of digital marketing in Santa Rosa. Many will complain that they post a blog, which is an instant success and goes viral, while a similar story gets barely a mention or more than a few shares. Likewise, companies often don’t understand how to get themselves visible on the Internet and how to be found by search engines. They know that the ranking on a search translates into profits, but don’t know how to change the copy on their site or what keywords will help them be more successful.

All marketing has always been about building a brand, getting client loyalty, and creating top-of-mind awareness. So, how do you help customers find your page? Unless they are already aware of you and know your website address, chances are that they are keying in certain words to find the information they need – exactly as you would do when you conduct an Internet search.

The search engines have a method of ranking various businesses. It’s an algorithm that is employed, which can be quite complicated. This is where professionals will be well placed to assist you. If you are able to master this, your marketing will be vastly more successful, but it will involve a great understanding of your target market, how they’re searching, and what their needs are on a specific site.