The Most Popular Items To Sell To Gold Dealers In Lincoln Park

Gold and Silver

Nearly everyone has jewelry that is just lying around their home and collecting dust. Most people, however, don’t realize that they can turn this jewelry into cash that can be used to pay bills, buy groceries, or pay for a vacation.

While there are many items that gold dealers in Lincoln Park will purchase, the following are those items that they seek out most often, and bring in top dollar. Don’t let a piece of jewelry just sit around a home, when it can be turned into cash quickly and easily.

Broken Jewelry

Jewelry that has been damaged isn’t likely to be worn, and it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a piece of jewelry repaired. Rather than wasting money on having an unwanted piece fixed, many people choose to sell it to a gold dealer. They will usually break up the value of the gold and any jewels separately, which allows the person to sell the entire piece or hold on to the stones for a future ring or bracelet.

Gold Bouillon

One of the most valuable forms of gold is bouillon, as it is in an unused state and is typically found in blocks or nuggets. Gold dealers in Lincoln Park will weigh the gold and compare that to the current market rates to determine the value of the bouillon. If the person decides to sell, they will receive money on the spot and can use the funds how they like.


Many individuals don’t realize that watches made of gold can fetch lots of money through a gold dealer. The dealer buying the watch may not want the watch itself and may opt just to purchase the band, as this is where the majority of the weight of the item is located. This will allow the person to keep the watch and attach it to a new band in the future, while still providing them with access to cash.

Anyone looking to get rid of unwanted jewelry or other precious metals should contact a pawn shop. The team at Clark Pawners and Jewelers can help determine the value of an item and pay top dollar for unwanted jewelry. Be sure to stop by their location today, and see how much money an unwanted piece of gold can bring in.