Call the Coin Dealer in Edmond and Sell Your Old Gold and Coins

Gold and Silver

How would you like get top dollar for a broken piece of jewelry that’s been sitting in the drawer or jewelry box for years? There’s a Coin Dealer in Edmond who is ready to pay you for that broken gold necklace, stick-pin, earring, gold watch or old dental gold. You can take the cash you’ve earned and buy something you’ve had your eye on for quite some time. Many people have saved old silver dollars, dimes, quarters and silver half dollar coins for years and have never checked in to what they’re worth.

If you have silver forks, knives or spoons that are stamped .925, they are wanted. Any shapes of diamonds, even small ones can be exchanged for cash. It doesn’t matter if the piece of jewelry is broken, either, just bring it in to the Coin Dealer in Edmond. You may have an old watch that doesn’t work but it was very expensive and is made out of expensive gold. Take it in to this nearby coin dealer and get the very best amount of cash for it from a precious metal dealer who is licensed through the state of Oklahoma.

Most people are unsuspecting and know absolutely nothing about how the price of gold fluctuates from day to day. They trust the coin dealer completely which also means they could inadvertently receive a much lower cash amount by dealing with someone unscrupulous. Many individuals set up shop in a mall or motel somewhere close to town and do not give a fair price to those exchanging their old gold.

When a coin dealer has a store and a permanent address and telephone number, and is well known in the community to pay the best prices, you know they have had a back ground check and are duly licensed to work with precious metals in the state. Anyone who has old gold, silver and diamonds will be assured they can trust that the company will pay the fairest price. When you can click on any gold buyer’s Website and see a map of the where the company is located, along with directions, you know you’ve found a trustworthy company. You can also purchase gold bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches and other jewelry from the dealer.