The Many Benefits of Gymnastics Pre-School Programs in Fairfield CT


Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT that emphasize physical activity is appealing to many parents and their children. A gymnastics program, for instance, helps the children stay physically fit, improve coordination and master new skills. The activities might become a lifelong hobby or a sport that the young person continues to pursue during high school and beyond.

Fun Activities

These types of Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT are intended to be fun right from the start. The activity should not become a chore, even when it’s challenging. Later, when the youngster is older, he or she will be more accepting of the rigors of practice that can become tedious. At this age, however, gymnastics should always feel like play.

Tumbling, Warm-Up Exercises and Basic Poses

Depending on the age of the child, the activities may focus mostly on tumbling and exercises on the mat. Even very young children typically can master exercises like front somersaults. The children learn proper stretching techniques and warm-up exercises. They also are taught the basic poses used in gymnastics. Even very young children of only a year or two old can attend programs with parental supervision.


Children of pre-kindergarten age may be intrigued by balance beams, just as they like to balance on roadside curbs when walking outside. They can jump on a trampoline in a safe environment, an activity that is immensely appealing to kids of nearly all ages.

A Variety of Advantages

Making new friends and having new enjoyable experiences at an organization such as Next Dimension Gymnastics is exciting for the young child, and something to look forward to each day that classes will be attended. Participating in gymnastics can make significant positive differences in the lives of toddlers and children who are not yet old enough for kindergarten.

The kids become more self-confident and self-assured. They are ready to take on new challenges that they previously might have shied away from. They learn the importance of teamwork as well as of performing independently. Their strength and coordination improves, and they instinctively practice social skills with other young children in a structured setting. Visit website to get started.