The Johnson Intervention Model

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If you have a family member or friend who suffers from drug addiction, you know the pain of watching him struggle, neglect his family or work responsibilities, and deny that anything is wrong. In fact, denial of a problem is one of the main signs that a person has a serious addiction. If you are desperate to get your loved one into Los Angeles drug rehab, you may have to stage an intervention. Though there are several models for interventions, one of the most successful and popular is the Johnson Model.

Dr. Vernon Johnson, an Episcopal priest, formed this model in the 1960’s after studying the cases of 200 recovered alcoholics and discovering what exactly led them to seek recovery. He found that addicts never had a sudden, blinding revelation as to the harmful nature of the addiction. Rather, they only realized they had a serious problem when one or more catastrophes had happened to them. If they did not choose to seek help after that, they usually died. The Johnson Model is an intervention approach that will get loved ones into Los Angeles drug rehab before they inflict even more life-threatening behavior on themselves. The Johnson Model, however, requires that loved ones not blame or guilt the addict; instead they should show them the danger of their behavior, how much they are loved, and encourage them to seek treatment.

The Johnson Model has a standard procedure to get addicts into Los Angeles drug rehab. First, an intervention team is created, made up of family members, friends, and coworkers. An intervention specialist heads the team. Next, the team meets privately to discuss specifically what they want to say to their loved one. They are encouraged to gently and lovingly discuss the harm that person is inflicting, either on his own body or on the lives of those around him. No one should cast blame or inflict guilt on the person they are trying to help, and everyone must agree that they are trying to help the addict, not hurt, punish, or guilt trip him. Together they come up with three or more treatment options from which the addict can choose. This can take a bit of time and should not be done in a rush. When all the preparation work is done, the team confronts the person they are trying to help. Calmly and lovingly, they should say what was already agreed upon and not let themselves get caught up in the emotion of the moment. Working closely with the intervention specialist can be immensely helpful in this area.

There is no guarantee that this will produce immediate results, much as you may hope for it. Your loved one may not rush right out and join a Los Angeles drug rehab program. However, a recent study by the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse reported that alcoholics confronted with an intervention were more likely to stay sober. However, interventions are not always helpful for everyone, which is one reason why it is so important to work with an intervention specialist beforehand. He can guide you in the right direction to help your suffering loved one.

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