How to stay safe when walking your dog at night


Taking walks at night with your dog is fun and sometimes inevitable.  Unfortunately, hazards are multiplied in a dark environment.  Even if you are very familiar with the route of the walk, many hazards are masked by the darkness.

The most important thing to do is increase both you and your pet’s visibility.  This can easily be addressed by the type of clothes you wear.  Wear bright and reflective clothing and shoes.  Dark colored clothes should be avoided.  As for your dog, an easy solution that is now available are LED pet collars.  An LED light is affixed to a collar to maximize visibility.  The collar light is as bright if not brighter than a standard flashlight.

LED pet collars greatly increase visibility while making it easier for the owner to concentrate since they do not have to hold a flashlight.  It is easy to trip on uneven sidewalks or walk through shards of glass if proper light is not constantly being shined in the correct direction.  If a sidewalk is not available and you are forced to walk alongside the road, always walk against traffic.  Walking toward traffic allows drivers to see you and your pet easier, especially when using LED pet collars.  Do, however, use extreme caution when alongside the road as there is bound to be broken glass and other debris.

Depending on how urban or rural the area is where you walk, you should be aware of stray or wild animals.  Especially if your dog is not a fan of cats, you must be prepared to physically hold back your pet.  This brings up the importance of having a durable reliable leash firmly attached to the collar of your pet.  More often than not, though, the bright light of an LED pet collar will help to spook off said animals.

As long as you are aware of your surroundings and take proper precautions, night walking can be a peaceful and calming experience.  Using common sense and wearing bright clothes and an LED pet collar will make for a safe and successful walk.

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