The Items in the Home that Can Be Sent for Steel Recycling in Baltimore


Steel is one of those metals that no one thinks to recycle. While copper and aluminum are well-known as recycled metals, steel is often ignored. Steel is often classified by its properties and formation techniques. These different classifications are used in many different areas in the home. These are some of the items that are composed of steel and can be recycled.

Kitchen sinks are often composed of a steel material. The steel color is highly popular in kitchen renovations. While it wears better than some of the other elements in the sink, the sink is often on the replacement list. Old kitchen sinks are ideal for steel recycling in Baltimore. Unless the sink is going to be reused, the steel should be sent to the recycle pile rather than the trash pile.

Some types of faucets are also composed of steel components. The gray look of steel is often the choice of replacement of these faucets. In many cases, the steel is still in good shape even if the rest of the faucet is still inoperable. Plastic piping and connections will have to be removed prior to recycling. It may take some effort to get the pipe out. Removal of the plastic piping is necessary if recycling the faucet.

Sometimes, steel is used in basements as a means of adding support to walls. This is because it isn’t as susceptible to water as other types of metals. In some cases, the support beams may also be composed of steel. While replacing the support beams aren’t as easy as ripping down steel supports, both items can be sent for steel recycling in Baltimore. Since a support beam is potentially very heavy and long, a trailer is needed to transport the steel. This demolition project should never be done alone due to the inherent weight of the beams.

Steel has different purposes in the home. It can provide support or be the current trend in sinks and faucets. Once an item is discovered to be steel, it can be recycled. Browse our website for more information on how to recycle the steel that is no longer needed.

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