Eliminate Water Leaks and Drain Clogs With Help From Plumbers in Sparks


A plumbing problem can be a lot worse than most people realize. For instance, a leak inside a wall may have been ongoing for weeks or months leaving the homeowner with some very expensive repair bills. This may not seem possible since a little water on the drywall will quickly cause it to crumble, but a slow leak from a pipe or joint can actually be a small drip that soaks into the wall studs or another framework. After a little time, a leak like this will cause the wood to rot. Plumbers can locate this type of problem through the use of acoustic tools. That is, the plumber will listen inside the walls for the unique sounds created by leaking water.

A common problem that plumbers in Sparks are called out for is a clogged drain. Drain clogs occur in several places, but one of the more common locations is the P-traps. These are the ‘S’ or ‘U’ shaped pieces of pipe located under the drain. The primary purpose of the P-trap is to catch a little water in the crook and block any sewer gases from entering the home. Unfortunately, this crook in the pipe can also catch other things such as food or hair. The repair is fairly simple, remove the trap and clean out the pipe. The problem occurs when attempting to put the trap back in place. If the plumber isn’t careful, the threads in the connector can strip and ruin the pipe.

Plumbers in the Sparks area perform a number of services including the installation of new systems, remodeling existing kitchens and baths or installing appliances such as water heaters. In fact, some plumbers prefer working with new installations because they are able to create something unique. Others prefer repairing problem installations. One such failure is the water heater. This appliance comes in a variety of models that burn natural gas or heat the water with electrical resistance. Plus, water heaters come in different sizes, so the plumber needs to be exact when selecting the new one. Replacing a broken water heater can be a challenge because they often require custom connections and the new replacement is never easy.

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