The Ins and Outs of Pressure Tanks

Water Wells

If you own a home or facility that has it’s own well source of water, then installing a pressure tank is essential. Pressure Tanks help move the water from the well source, to your home or building at the right pressure and speed for your plumbing. City water sources are usually too high in pressure and require pressure reduction devices in order for the water to reach you at the prefered pressure limit. However, water from a well has no pressure and requires a pressure tank installation to be able to send that water to it’s necessary locations.

Each pressure tank varies depending on the size of your well or water source, as well as the distance the water has to travel to each faucet. In a perfect world, you would choose the size that best fits your water needs. Unfortunately most contractors choose a typical 5 gallon tank without even considering the needs of the people living in the home. Keep in mind the types of activities that you will be performing, as they contribute to how often your water pressure pump will be used. You should make sure that your pressure tank can handle a significant amount of water in order to do simple things like washing laundry or taking showers.

Utilizing a larger tank will cut down on your electricity bill, and allow you utilize more water during your daily routines. The ideal suggestion in size would be a 25 gallon pressure tank, but there are many choices out there in Pressure Tanks for you to choose from. You should take into account the amount of water your washing machine, dishwasher, showers, and hot water tank uses when drawing water and make sure that the tank you get can handle the water consumption without having to turn on a lot during the process. The less it turns on to pump water for you, the lower your electricity bill and the less it has to be fixed or replaced.When it comes to repairing your pressure tank, you should always call upon a professional technician or plumber that has experience in pressure tank repair and installation.

When purchasing your first tank, you should consult with a professional Aqua Well & Pump Systems, Inc in order to make an informed decision on the size you need versus the water usage you will be consuming.

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