New Methods for Implants are Available for Dental Patients with Low Bone Mass

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When teeth decay or are missing, quality of life can decrease dramatically. It is important for dental patients who have missing teeth to find ways to remedy the situation, and one of the most effective methods is to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Unfortunately, due to lack of bone mass in the jaw, many people are told that they are not eligible for implants, or that they will have to endure surgery and bone-grating in order to support them if they so choose.

There is an option, however, other than grafting, for dental patients with decaying or missing teeth who do not have enough bone mass to support traditional implants: zygoma implants. India dentists can provide methods for some patients to receive implants to replace missing or decayed teeth even if they lack the bone mass in their jaws to support them without having to have sinus lift surgery or bone-grafting procedures.

Zygoma implants, India dentists say, offer certain patients the opportunity to avoid bone grafting procedures that can take up to six months for healing to occur, and which are generally more expensive as well. The basic procedure involves inserting implants into the zygomatic bone, which in lay terminology is also known as the cheekbone.

The process for using zygoma implants in India involves the use of nontraditional, extended implants that are longer than those that would be used in a normal dental situation. Rather than inserting the implant (which substitutes for the anchor of a natural tooth) into the jawbone, it is inserted into the cheekbone. This alternative technique is computer guided through a 3D CT scan, so it isn’t invasive and does not include the need for surgery.

Some patients merely have small structures in their mouth and are therefore not able to successfully have traditional implants into the jawline. More often, however, gum disease causes the bone mass to shrink in the jawline, which both causes teeth to decay and come out of the gum line (resulting in missing teeth). Until recently, the only way for these patients to have implants inserted into their jaw bone was to use bone grafting techniques, which often used synthetic material. A sinus lift also might complicate the procedure, given that it can take up to six months to get the teeth, making the process for getting implants a long and expensive expenditure.

The use of zygoma implants in India is a true breakthrough in that it allows patients to receive new implants and crowns without having to wait for months or undergo bone-graft surgery.

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