The Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance in Allendale, MI

Air Conditioning

When it comes to keeping an air conditioner running, prevention is the best medicine. That’s why homeowners should follow these simple tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance in Allendale MI to ensure their units continue to function as intended year-round.

Change Filters Regularly

Clogged filters lead to less efficiency and place a serious burden on the overall system, but avoiding this problem is remarkably simple. Even the least mechanically-inclined homeowner can probably manage to learn how to change an air filter. Replacement filters are available at just about any home improvement store and even some grocery stores.

Replacing the filter will lead to a better functioning AC unit, extending the appliance’s expected lifespan and leading to lower energy bills. It will also improve the overall air quality within the home. Most experts recommend changing filters once every month or two.

Clean Air Coils Twice Yearly

An AC unit’s air coils need to be cleaned periodically to ensure efficiency. They are usually located on the exterior of the home and can be cleaned using a simple garden hose and a nylon brush or standard broom. For indoor AC units, simply perform the procedure outdoors prior to seasonal installation and again at the end of the season.

Keep Units Free From Obstructions

Plants, trees, shrubs, fencing, and other outdoor installations should be removed from at least one foot around an outdoor AC unit. Indoor units should not have anything hanging over them while they are in operation. Removing impediments to air flow will help AC units function efficiently and extend their lifespan.

Adjust the Thermostat

Running AC units non-stop places a great amount of strain on the system. That’s why it’s a good idea for homeowners who work outside the home to set the temperature higher during the day when no one is home. Not only will this simple step reduce monthly bills but it will also extend the unit’s lifespan.

Get Regular Tune-Ups

Although these other simple maintenance tasks can be performed by homeowners themselves, it’s important to schedule an annual evaluation with a professional as well. Hiring someone experienced with air conditioner maintenance in Allendale MI to perform an evaluation and a basic tune-up can dramatically extend the lifespan of the appliance. Check out our website for more information or call to schedule a service visit today.