An Injury Lawyer in Tucson, AZ May Include a Request for Mental Anguish Compensation


An injury lawyer in Tucson, AZ sometimes asks an insurer to pay compensation related to mental anguish in addition to a settlement for medical expenses and lost wages. That money can be used for psychological counseling to help the person recover from the emotional trauma of the incident. When someone is dealing with significant post-traumatic stress, this can slow their physical recovery, harm their close relationships, and detract from general quality of life. In the legal world, it is considered a non-economic and intangible aspect, although it can have economic costs.

Effects of Psychological Trauma

Not everyone suffers substantial psychological trauma after an accident, but an injury lawyer in Tucson, AZ takes it seriously when a client speaks of this issue. Some individuals are more emotionally resilient than others. For others, the accident triggers an ongoing memory of another terrible incident that happened long ago.

Being seriously hurt in a seemingly random accident can make an individual feel fearful and powerless, and that attitude can spread to various realms of life. If the incident was a vehicle collision, the person may become phobic about driving or riding in a car. This individual may want to avoid going anywhere near the site of the accident, as it generates highly charged negative emotions. That can be an extremely problematic circumstance if the accident happened at work.

Post-traumatic stress can manifest in many ways. Insomnia and nightmares are common. The person may feel worried and unable to concentrate, causing difficulty in work or school. Chronic irritability can become a problem, and the individual may feel sudden rage at minor bothersome occurrences. Increased use of alcohol and sedating drugs is often seen among accident survivors who have not coped well with the situation.

Confirmation of Diagnosis

A psychiatrist or psychologist will probably need to make a professional diagnosis if the client of a firm such as Price and Price Law wants to receive financial compensation for this type of harm. The attorney can make arrangements for an appointment if the person is not already receiving mental health care. Visit us website to schedule a free consultation with this particular firm.