The Importance of Pediatric Prosthetics in Las Vegas, NV


There are many children who are born missing limbs, whether because of birth defects or disease. Some children may also lose limbs due to an accident. The good news is that children are generally very adaptable — much more so than adults! This means that children who are missing limbs can adapt fairly quickly to life without them.

The Use of Prosthetics

Of course, as a child gets older, he or she will likely need to start using pediatric prosthetics in order to be able to do certain things such as writing, grasping, playing sports, and so on. Indeed, many children with missing limbs have been wearing pediatric prosthetics for a long time. Such prosthetics are available from companies such as Brace It Orthotics and Prosthetics.

The science and technology behind prosthetics, in general, has improved dramatically in recent years. Where we once used simple prosthetics with little movement, it is now possible to have custom limbs made that contain biosensors that allow for some nervous control of the limb.

The Benefits of Using Prosthetics

Here are just some reasons why pediatric prosthetics in Las Vegas, NV are vital for children and young teenagers:

  • The use of custom prosthetics allows the child to live a much fuller life and allows him or her to socialize with others and participate in activities without feeling embarrassed or that he or she is somehow inferior.
  • Prosthetics can partially restore some limb functionality in some children so that they have a better range of movement.

The fact is that no child needs to be left out anymore due to the fact that he or she may be missing one or more limbs. Advances in technology mean that modern prosthetics are comfortable, easy to wear, and durable and may restore some level of movement.