The Importance of Enhanced Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire and Security

Most businesses today are concerned about quality products or services. They want maximum efficiency so they can be competitive today and in the future. However, these things mean very little if you don’t have an effective fire safety program, and it’s more than just having fire safety supplies on the premises. Here are some helpful tips for improving fire safety to make your facility a better place to work.

Check for High-Risk Situations

When was the last time you walked through your buildings, looking for signs of trouble? As you walk about, think about “worst case scenarios” for fires or explosions. For example:

  • Do you see any places where an extinguisher is not readily accessible?
  • Are there areas that someone could easily damage the sprinkler system with a lift truck?
  • Do you have worn, damaged or outdated fire safety supplies?
  • Do you see potential fire hazards anywhere?

Fire Alarm Installations

You probably have all the alarms and fire safety supplies required by law, but there may be other places where fire alarms or smoke detectors can be helpful. Maybe you can install more stations where people can trigger the plant-wide alarm system. Perhaps the evacuation areas could be more clearly marked. If you have a large facility with many people, you can install a system that provides mobile device alerts.

Go Over Your Fire Safety Plan

When was the last time you talked to everyone about “what to do in case of fire”? It’s important to have evacuation routes and plans and make sure everyone understands these plans.

The Value of Being Proactive

When you become proactive about fire safety supplies, fire protection, and safety, you lower your risk of fire damage and serious injury. Now is the time to do something about fire safety because if you wait, it could be too late.