Learning More About Social Security Disability Claims

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Lawyers train extensively to handle Social Security Disability Claims. That is because the Social Security Administration (SSA) has so many rules and regulations. In fact, applicants need to learn the top reasons for denial of benefits.

Making Too Much Money

Applicants should be unable to perform substantial gainful activity for 12 months. Substantial gainful activity is defined as the ability to make $1170 per month. Supplemental Security Income has an income limit as well. Recipients cannot receive more than $1500 per month including the SSI check.

Applicants must have a disability that is expected to last for 12 months or result in death. For instance, applicants for Social Security Disability Claims may have broken bones. Nearly all broken bones are expected to heal within a year. However, the agency exempts blind SSI applicants.

Applicants Can Get Lost In The System

One of the benefits of having a lawyer is that SSA stays in touch with them. Further, lawyers generally know how to reach the client. It is not uncommon for applicants to move and forget to inform the agency. Beware, it takes a while to reschedule after a missed hearing date.

Cooperate With The Process

Claims examiners need to review applicants’ medical records. Hence, claimants must sign an authorization to release this information. Refusing to do so can result in denial of the claim. In addition, SSA may require an applicant to see an agency doctor.

This may be done because the examiner needs more information and the claimant’s records are incomplete. Applicants are required to attend the exam which is paid for by the government.

There Are Many Other Reasons For Denial

Once upon a time, alcohol and drug addiction were considered disabling conditions. This is no longer the case. Rather, the agency looks to see whether one would be disabled if they stopped using the substances.

Finally, criminal activity can cause a denial of benefits. The government does not grant benefits to convicted felons. Further, benefits are denied to those who were injured while committing a crime or while in prison. However, individuals may receive benefits after serving a sentence. For more information, visit us. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.