The Duties of a Bankruptcy Attorney in Cincinnati OH


No person wants to file for bankruptcy. This is an action that follows the person for the rest of his or her life and must be reported on numerous documents. When a person must take this step as they have run out of other options, the choice of Bankruptcy Attorney in Cincinnati OH becomes critical. He or she will be of great help throughout the process, but only when the client feels at ease. What are the duties of the attorney as the case moves forward?

The Initial Consultation

At this meeting, the attorney assesses the case and makes recommendations as to how the debtor should proceed. If bankruptcy is determined to be the best solution, the attorney then helps the debtor decide if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 should be filed. Fees are also outlined during the consultation.

Contact with Creditors

The attorney contacts creditors to establish a new point of contact. Creditors may continue to call after being contacted by the attorney, as allowed by law. However, most creditors no longer do so, providing relief for the debtor.

The Filing of the Petition

The attorney prepares and files the bankruptcy petition with the court. Before the petition is filed, the debtor has the opportunity to review it. Once this petition is filed, the creditors must stop attempting to collect on the debt.

The 341 Meeting

Debtors are required to attend a 341 meeting with their creditors after filing for bankruptcy. The attorney prepares the debtor for this meeting. In addition, he or she attends to help resolve any issues that arise.


Certain motions must be filed with a bankruptcy petition, and the motions differ on the type of bankruptcy selected. Any motions that must be filed as the case proceeds are handled by the attorney. In addition, the attorney handles anything else that comes up related to the case until it has been finalized by the court.

Know more about us by visiting this website. The choice of Bankruptcy Attorney in Cincinnati OH is a very personal decision, therefore individuals should meet with several attorneys to determine which they are most comfortable with. Don’t rush the process, as the bankruptcy attorney will be with the client throughout the case. The relationship needs to be a good one to ensure no problems arise.