The Advantages of Installing Insulated Doors in Washington, PA Garages

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Garages can be huge sources of heat loss for homeowners who do not have insulated garage doors. That’s not the only reason to consider installing Insulated Doors in Washington PA, though. Read on to find out about just a few of the other benefits of installing insulated garage doors.

Increase Warmth in the Winter

Insulated garage doors can dramatically improve the indoor climate of a garage during winter months. The majority of homeowners use their garages for more than just storing their vehicles, so the added warmth provided by insulated doors can make the difference between keeping the area as viable, usable space and having to wait until spring to use the space again.

Reduced Energy Bills

One of the direct benefits of improving the energy efficiency of a garage is reduced energy bills. As noted above, uninsulated garages are one of the largest sources of heat loss, and all that heat loss translates to much higher energy bills. Replacing an uninsulated garage door will quickly pay for itself in improved efficiency and lower heating bills.

Improved Vehicle Performance

Vehicles often perform poorly in the coldest months of winter. For one thing, their ignition systems can be compromised as a result of freezing gas, which can cause lasting damage in addition to making it harder to get these cars started in the morning. Those who use their garages to store vehicles during the coldest months of winter will find their cars’ performance will improve if they insulate the garage doors to improve indoor temperatures in the garages.

Reduced Temperature Variations

Temperature variations during the winter months can lead to condensation, which causes corrosion of metal and cracks in plastics. These temperature variations can impact both the garage door itself and any possessions that are stored in the garage.

Reduced Noise

Insulated Doors in Washington PA don’t only confer their benefits upon homeowners and their families during the cold winter months. Residents will appreciate the reduced noise pollution in their insulated garages all year. Contact Citywide Garage Door Co. Inc. for additional information about insulated doors, or get in touch for a free estimate on garage door replacement today.