The Case For Choosing Managed Servers


Your options for hosting services include a lot of different options. You can choose a bare metal server or perhaps a cloud hosting system. There is also the option to select shared hosting or to choose a dedicated server.

Within these choices, it will also be critical to determine the need for managed servers or unmanaged server options. Understanding the difference and becoming familiar with what each option entails will be important to make the best decision for your specific needs.

Some companies also provide different levels of management for their servers. This can range from just covering the basics and leaving you with fully managed systems requiring no additional work.

The Maintenance and Configuration Component

Servers require configuring to be set up for the specific needs of the client. When you select managed servers this configuration will automatically be a part of the provider service. A top company offering expert management of their servers will talk to the business in advance to configure the server to match the needs of that company and not provide a one size fits all solution.

Maintenance will be ongoing with any server. This includes updates and fixes for known issues as well as simply keeping the platform of the server operating smoothly and efficiently for optimal speed and performance.


One of the most proactive and preventative options offered with managed servers is continual monitoring of the servers. The provider is constantly running scans of the server platform, which will identify any potential failures, server irregularities or performance issues.

This allows the provider to correct the problem immediately before it results in a failure in the server. With this feature, very high uptime can be achieved, ensuring your site is accessible when you need it.

Additionally, the use of a managed server provides full security that you don’t have to monitor. Firewalls will be set up on the system as well as filtering and virus scanning, helping to protect all data stored or transmitted through the server.

If you are considering your options, managed servers provide a great balance of freedom to use the server without the need for all the upkeep tasks and security monitoring. To find out more about our RedSwitches plans, see us at .