The Best Way for Michigan Residents to Know If They Have a Lemon Vehicle


After doing research on your vehicle and taking it for a proper test drive, you likely felt confident that you had made a good investment. However, you may now wonder if you bought a lemon. Here are a few signs that your car may be a lemon and what you can do about it.

When driving your vehicle, pay attention to the steering. If the vehicle drifts to one side, this could indicate damage. If you have had the vehicle aligned and the problem is still there, your vehicle could be a lemon. Another issue is smoke that comes through the tailpipe. If the smoke is blue, this may indicate expensive repairs are needed.

Just because you have issues with a vehicle does not mean it is a lemon. You need to speak with a Michigan Lemon Law attorney to find out what qualifications would need to be met for you to have a case against the dealer or manufacturer.

A major indication that your vehicle is a lemon is repairing the same problem again and again and never having the malfunction disappear. Your Michigan Lemon Law attorney will want to see records showing that you have returned to the dealership many times for the same issue and that it has been worked on for an unreasonable amount of time.

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