Bolt Failure Analysis – Consider Outsourcing Joint Testing and Development

Engineering Consultant

Considering outsourcing your joint testing? Here are the details if its an ideal, innovative engineering company being sought. In testing and developing these hith-quality products, engineers need to be focused on their own work so as to increase the company’s bottom line. For this reason, outsourcing this work is an optimal solution for smart businesses who know that increasing productivity also increases sales and revenue?

Choosing a company-specific in this area can be daunting. An inhouse lab is what is needed testing any materials, or for bolt failure analysis, joint testing, and other manufacturing and development needs. Relieving engineers of bolt failure analysis and joint testing so they can focus on their engineering work is super smart.

Relying on a company with the expertise will allow a proposed cost reduction. Cutting costs of labor and material now so you have more revenues tomorrow. Detailed and specialized testing will optimize processes. Parameters include: force, time, torque, etc. and the tests can be performed on location too.

Seeking independent third-party fastener, joint, and equipment testing or a specialized in-house lab that will accommodate. Specialized testing can optimize all process parameters including; torque, force, time, etc. Many of these tests can be performed at the customer’s location if requested.

Bolt failure analyses reveal inaccurate, or inadequate installation and inappropriate installation, making it an important analysis to follow through with in order to prevent future issues that can also affect a company’s bottom line.

These types of fastening solutions are typically provided to aerospace, automotive and industrial OEMs.