The Best Assisted Living Independent Senior Living Communities in Falls Church, VA

Assisted Living

Those ready to lessen the load of maintaining your home or apartment yet do not want to depend on relatives and friends for help have the option of The Virginian Retirement Community. Assisted Living communities like this are geared for the independent senior who enjoys an active lifestyle yet does not want to deal with the bother of housework, home maintenance or home and personal security issues.

These apartments are available in many sizes with large windows, spacious rooms and equipped with all the basic appliances. Residents can make their apartment unique to their style and personality bringing personal items and furniture along with them moving in as they would any other apartment. Regardless of size all apartments include all utilities, window coverings, full size kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, stove and microwave oven, ample storage space and large closets, phone, internet, and television connections, heat and AC units controlled separately, fully heated underground parking, fire detector and sprinklers.

The Virginian Retirement Community is private, peaceful, and relaxing offering a great quality of life for seniors looking to enjoy their golden years while being active when and if they want. Independent senior living  offers secured premises with an attentive staff that pride themselves on being friendly, welcoming, and offering exceptional service and care.

The amenities are the decor, accommodations, privacy, independence, and relaxation knowing everything is taken care of, the number one stress or of the aging. The ability to let go and forget about the routine responsibilities of daily life is a huge weight off the retired. The Virginian Retirement Community is well known for creating a vacation type environment with a laid-back feel geared to change with the resident’s changing needs and abilities allowing for the longest stay possible if not permanent.

While no one plans to become ill or suffer a condition requiring advanced care it happens and if so,  Virginian Retirement  will be able to meet those needs without relocating the resident to a different care provider. While thinking about choosing the right retirement community it is prudent to consider if the same facility can accommodate any unforeseen conditions or health complications that arise, locations such as this where a wide range of aging needs can be met.