The Benefits To Selecting A Flush Mounted Industrial Ceiling Fan

Heating and Air Conditioning

There are different styles, designs, and options in any type of industrial ceiling fan. When adding a destratification fan to any type of commercial or industrial building, one of the first thoughts is that this is a bulk, large type of unit that hangs down from the ceiling.

The Streamlined Look of Flush Mount Fans

In fact, there are options of good quality flush mounted industrial ceiling fan. These types of fans offer several advantages to the dropped types of mounted fans that are often used in warehouses, processing and storage facilities, and in all types of large venues.

As the name implies, a flush mounted industrial ceiling fan sits up into a grid ceiling. This provides a much more streamlined look than the standard types of fan housings that are exposed in an open ceiling. The front of the fan housing can be color matched by some fan manufacturers, which allows the fans to blend into the ceiling for an aesthetically pleasing look. Made of aluminum, the fan housings and the fans themselves are designed and manufactured to last.

Reduces Fan Damage

With the flush mounted industrial ceiling fan out of the way, there is much less risk of damage to the fan itself. This is particularly important in warehousing, storage, and manufacturing types of applications where forklifts, heavy equipment, and machinery are being used. The operators of this equipment are typically looking down to avoid accidents, leaving drop-down fans at risk for being hit by loads and equipment.