The Benefits of Treating Van Vleck, TX Industrial Sludge By Dewatering

Waste Management

Getting rid of the slurry and sludge that comes as a by-product of industrial operations is a pain. The good news is that using a dewatering container can make the process much more efficient and is also a sustainable solution.

Benefits of dewatering

Dewatering, as the name suggests, is the practice of extracting as much water as possible from industrial and municipal sludge. In the industrial setting, this usually involves putting the sludge in a dewatering container for treatment. The water that is extracted, while rarely potable, can often be recycled and used again during some part of the facility’s operations. Alternatively, it can simply be allowed to drain into the sewer system directly from the container.

The remaining sludge is transformed into a solid cake substance that is far lighter without the extracted water and is, therefore, cheaper to transport. Furthermore, because it is largely dry, there is less danger of it spilling or leaking during storage and transport. When sludge is being shipped through residential areas in particular, this is an enormous benefit because there is less of a risk of a costly accident that leads to a lot of bad press for your industrial organization.

Modern dewatering equipment is mostly automated, and this means that employees don’t have to expose themselves to working with the sludge as directly as in the past. Additionally, because the size of the sludge is reduced dramatically after water has been extracted, it is much easier and more affordable to dispose of.