The Benefits of Postal Code Targeting in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Marketing and Advertising

If you are interested in a particular type of marketing known as postal code targeting, you want to work with a company that understands the rules and regulations involved. Postal code targeting can be a valuable way to promote your business, but it must be used properly.

What is Postal Code Targeting

This service allows you to target your marketing to a specific group, either by demographic or geographic region. You can make the selection at the postal code level. There are certain regulations in place for anyone interested in using this marketing method. Mailings must be paid for and delivered in Canada. You must have a minimum order of 100 items to be scanned. The mailing must be scannable by standard machine and have a unique 2D barcode. Items that use this marketing method must be posted through normal mail service.

Implementing This Marketing Method

There are many benefits to using the postal code method of marketing. You are sending out targeted materials to the individuals who would be most interested in your products. This will typically lead to a higher success rate for your campaign. The biggest drawback to using targeted postal code marketing is that it does require knowledge of regulations surrounding the process.

Working with an experienced advertising agency ensures that you get the best results from your marketing campaign and stay on the correct side of all regulations. An established advertising agency can handle all facets of your campaign, including direct marketing, email campaigns, digital marketing, graphic design, social media management, and SEO.

When you are ready to kick off a campaign, work with the best. Whether you are targeting homes or businesses, planning a large scale campaign or something smaller, and regardless of the size of your budget, KTS Advertising Group can help. Contact them today to start the collaboration process.