The Benefits of Custom Sales Training Seminars


There are a few good reasons why companies should invest in custom sales training seminars. Rarely do two people learn the same; a “cookie cutter” approach does not work. Furthermore, it is imperative that you hasten the learning curve of the salespeople. Customized seminars do both of these things.

Custom seminars do not put each salesperson through individual training. That is not the objective nor are they designed to do this. Rather, the content of the seminar will be tailored in style for each.


To reiterate, people learn differently. Some people respond better to visual stimuli, others auditory, while still others require repetition and interaction. If you approach your seminar using only one training style, many of the participants will get very little out of it. The content will not stick.

The goal of custom training is to “go outside the box.” Stimulate every participant; use a combination of tools such as videos, white papers, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

The trainer in a sense is a salesperson; your salespeople are the customers. If they can be motivated and stimulated, then they can do the same when they are with customers that count.


In the past, sales seminars were things that were done once, and then another might happen a year later. There are far better ways to go about getting information to people in a way that it sticks. Make it a habit of dripping in info and insight. With email and instant messaging, it is easy and practical to send out daily hints, a weekly newsletter, webinars, etc.

As management, it is incumbent on you to identify areas where your sales team can become better. The best way to fill gaps in individual abilities is customized sales training. The “one size fits all” concept of training is passé. Custom training will enable the whole team, not just a few.