Hiring a Professional Stump Remover in Anaheim as a Gift for a Neighbor


The old, huge willow tree came down in a storm more than a year ago. The elderly woman who owns the property had one of her sons come over and saw up the branches with a chainsaw. All the wood and brush was cleared away, leaving an uneven stump at least three feet in diameter. The neighbors’ side living room windows overlook the stump, making it somewhat of an eyesore. They’re talking about hiring a service for Stump Remover in Anaheim as a favor to their elderly neighbor and for themselves.

The Fastest Solution

Stump grinding by a company such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. is the fastest way to eliminate the big block of wood left behind after a tree comes down. Equipment can be rented, but it’s a labor-intensive job, and most people don’t want to spend time on this. They ‘d rather hire a professional tree service.

Many seniors live on a very tight budget and do not have any extra to spend on stump grinding, even at a very affordable price. If the neighbors are kind enough to hire someone to do the work, a professional Stump Remover in Anaheim who provides many kinds of tree service will get rid of that unsightly piece of dead wood.

Important Reasons to Remove the Stump

Some people decorate large tree stumps with containers of flowers. This is difficult when the surface isn’t level, although it might be improved. However, landscapers agree that this cosmetic effort isn’t all that successful. The property owners might view the stump as a natural feature in the yard, but it’s about as attractive as a large patch of dead, brown grass.

Stumps also have a tendency to send up new shoots that must continually be cut down. That makes more work for whoever is managing the yard work at the senior citizen’s residence. In addition, decaying wood attracts insects. Termites, carpenter bees, ants, and various types of beetles burrow into dead wood for food, nesting, and a place to lay eggs. Those bugs then may invade the home and other structures on the property. You can also connect them on Facebook.