The Benefits of and Additional Information About Professional Dog Grooming in Millersville


If you own a dog, it’s essential to schedule regular appointments with a professional who provides dog grooming in Millersville. After dogs are bathed and trimmed, they look better, and grooming also has health benefits for the animals. Below, you’ll learn about these benefits along with other information about professional dog grooming.

Q.) How often should a dog owner have their pet groomed by a professional?

A.) The frequency of grooming depends on the breed of dog and the length of their hair. Dogs that have a long or thick coat often need a haircut once a month to keep their coats from becoming too tangled and unruly. Dog breeds that have shorter hair won’t need to see the groomer for a haircut as often, and they can usually wait several months between trims. All dogs, regardless of breed, should visit the groomer once a month for basic care, such as bathing, nail trimming, and ear care.

Q.) Is it advisable for dog owners to groom their own pets instead of taking them to a professional?

A.) Some dog owners do groom their own pets but, when individuals don’t have the knowledge or the right equipment, it’s best to take the animal to a professional. Having the proper equipment and tools for grooming makes the experience less stressful for the animal. Professionals also know how to calm dogs that are anxious or scared. If a pet owner doesn’t know how to properly give a haircut or trim a dog’s nails, the animal could possibly become injured during the process.

Q.) How can grooming benefit a dog’s health and well-being?

A.) Regular bathing helps with the control of fleas, and regular ear care keeps a dog’s ears free from mites. Dirty fur that’s tangled and matted can cause irritation to the dog’s skin, and this often leads to frequent itching and scratching. During a grooming session, a professional who specializes in dog grooming in Millersville takes note of any cuts, skin irritations, or other health concerns and reports their findings to the dog owner.

If your dog needs a bath, haircut, or a nail trim, contact Gambrills Veterinary to schedule an appointment with a professional groomer.