Quality Metal Finishing Meets a Variety of Industry Needs

Metal Finishing

Quality metal finishing is a key method used to protect and even enhance the use of items such as firearms and automotive parts. With methods such as plating, deburring, polishing, and cleaning for finishing a wide range of metals, metal finishing is a process that can be used in a range of industries including automotive, military, aerospace and medical.

Quality Metal Finishing Techniques
The finishing process used depends on the type of material the part is manufactured out of and what type of finish or final look is desired. Common metal finishing techniques include:

  • Anodizing – for this process metal is coated with an oxide using the method of electrolysis. The type of coatings produced through this process can be decorative and come in a variety of colors while providing protection for the metal components.
  • Deburring – this process is part of vibratory finishing, which is a mass type of finishing that involves placing small parts into a vibratory tumbler that is filled with specially shaped pellets of media and then vibrated. This technique improves the metal surface by removing burs on the outside of the metal as well as internal features like holes.
  • Polishing – this process is typically done using a centrifugal barrel finishing technique resulting in a consistent and constant finish, which helps to bring out the shine of the metal and enhance the appearance of the surface.

  • Passivation – this technique used to apply a thin coat of protective material to the surface in order to strengthen and preserve metal parts. The metal is first soaked in a passivating acid bath and is then neutralized and rinsed. Once the part is dried, a protective outer layer is left on the metal.

Other techniques used include deflashing, radiusing, as well as cleaning and plating. It is best to consult with a finishing company to ensure the proper technique is used for ideal results.

Finding the Best Finishing Company for Your Applications
When searching for a finishing company to take care of your needs, it is important to find one that can offer the above services as well as process design, environmentally safe processes and have the ability to handle various jobs, ranging from simple surface finishing to high energy isotropic finishing to ensure you receive quality metal finishing for your components and parts.

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