The Basics of Workers’ Compensation Law in Vineland, NJ

Workers Compensation

There are three levels of law and regulation that govern how you are supposed to be compensated if you have been injured while you are at work. The compensation is all governed by federal law; the federal law typically falls under the purview of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are also usually state-level organizations that govern workers’ compensation law. In some cases, they simply enforce the federal standards. In other cases, they are actually responsible for enforcing state-specific laws. Finally, there are sometimes local regulations that govern compensation. These are not very common, but certain businesses have local regulations as well.

Union Regulations

In some cases, there are also union regulations that govern workers’ compensation law in Vineland, NJ. If you are in a union or even just in a work field that is heavily unionized, you might be entitled to different types of consideration for your compensation. Unions were originally designed to help employees bargain collectively and extract more favorable concessions from employers. One of those concessions was workers’ compensation agreements.

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Depending on the work you do and the type of injury you have, you might be entitled to compensation based on a schedule. There are certain areas of workers’ compensation law wherein the compensation is actually determined by a predetermined schedule. A certain kind of injury to a certain part of the body is entitled to a specific amount of money. You will still need an attorney to help you argue that your case does indeed match the criteria.

Hiring a good attorney is very important to your case being successful and going as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

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