In Washington, workers’ compensation insurance is required at any time that an employer wishes to hire more than one worker. It doesn’t matter if the workers are related or not. The coverage provides necessary medical payments for injured workers. Select workers are eligible for monetary benefits to replace their wages. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Yelm, WA helps workers when they are denied coverage under the policy.

A Failure to Comply with Safety Policies

Any failure to comply with company safety policies could forfeit the worker’s right to compensation. The safety policies apply to footwear, work attire, and how accidents are managed in the workplace. If the employer can prove that the worker failed to comply, the claim is denied.

Failing a Drug or Alcohol Screening

All injured workers are tested for drugs and alcohol to determine if the company policy was followed. Any worker that fails a drug or alcohol screening is denied workers’ compensation coverage and won’t receive any monetary benefits. The terms of the workers’ compensation insurance policy outline the protocol for conducting the screening and what to do after a worker’s injury.

A Failure to Follow Protocol

Workers who perform services in an electrical environment are required to follow specific protocol throughout the workday. The protocol requires maintenance workers to evaluate all machinery connected to high voltage power and mitigate the risk of an arc flash. If any worker fails to follow lock out-tag out the protocol, he or she is liable for their injuries.

Reassigning the Blame

In some workers’ compensation cases, the employer may try to reassign the blame for the accident on another party. For example, if the machinery wasn’t inspected, repaired, or replaced, the employer could blame a maintenance worker or company for the failure. A manufacturer could also be blamed if any parts assembled onto the machines were faulty.

In Washington, workers’ compensation insurance assists workers who are injured while performing their duties or while inside the work environment. It provides help with liabilities that employers face after a work-related accident. Workers who have been injured on-the-job and denied benefits can contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Yelm, WA or browse our website now.